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Armenia photo - Armenian photo, armenian stock photo

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Id - 12686

Title - Girl under Shaqe waterfall

Date Added - 2008-09-10 09:33:32
Author - Albert Isajanyan

Category - Glamour/Beauty/Fashion
Layout - Horizontal
Image Type - Photo
Class - Standart
Source - Digital

Color - Color
Exclusive Status - Available
Resolution :
300 dpi : ( 3872 x 2592 )
96 dpi : ( 1239 x 829 )

Keywords : adventure(22), adventurous(22), attractive(76), bathing(22), beautiful(259), beauty(247), bikini(22), body(213), cool(48), drops(22), ethnic(183), excite(22), excited(22), exotic(109), female(636), forest(203), girl(591), glasses(33), gorgeous(212), hands(22), hot(129), l holiday(22), lake(740), legs(22), model(133), nails(23), natural(86), nature(621), outdoors(22), outside(22), paradise(22), passion(22), person(88), portrait(23), refreshing(48), river(306), rock(283), rocks(29), sexy(108), shake(16), shape(22), shaqe(29), shower(24), sizzling(22), smiling(22), suit(22), swimming(22), swimsuit(22), washing(25), water(366), water waterfall(22), waterfall(91), waterfalls(22), wet(22), woman(353)

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