Search Tips overview

Below are a few tips and pointers to help ensure that your image searches at are successful.

• For an easiest and quickest way to find an image enter key word(s) in the image search box at the top right corner of the web page.
• Enter as many search terms as you want.
• Enter words in singular form; if that does not work, try plural.
• Use either upper- or lower-case.
• Use a comma (,) or a space button between the key words for searching more than one image.
• If you are looking for a specific place in Armenia such as Sevan, enter the key word “Sevan” in the search box and the search results will display all the images related to Sevan.
• To find an image related to Armenia you should enter in the search box the specific name of the specific place or object you are interested in. For example, to find an image relating to Vayots Dzor region in Armenia type in the search box the key word “Vayots Dzor” and search results with all available images on Vayots Dzor region will be displayed.
• To find an image relating to some country in the region, for example, Iran, enter the key word “Iran” in the search box and all the images on Iran will be displayed.
• Since the majority of images relate to Armenia the search for the key word “Armenia” or Հայաստան will not be performed.
• The search is performed by image titles. (Images are given their titles out of this consideration)
• There is a SEARCH FOR SIMILAR IMAGES option where you can search for images that have titles similar to the keywords entered.

Language Options:

• You can enter search terms in English or Armenian or in both languages at the same time.
• To enter a search word in Armenian use Unicode.

Search Options/Filters:

• You can search an image by inserting the image ID number in the search box if you know it. Do not include the number sign (#) with image numbers.
• If you do not know the image ID number you can use Advanced Image Search option where you can search by category, image layout, image class, source, color and resolution. While searching an image you can combine any of these criteria also combining them with the features described above.
For more assistance on searching and research, contact us.