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Prices & License


The fee for using our products is calculated from several factors including type of rights, image quality and image class. Here is the price chart for our offers:

Class Resolution Price
Standard Low $10
High $15
Premium Low $15
High $25

The prices for images with exclusive rights 100$.

Depending on the quantity of the purchase Photostock offers you the following discounts:

Number of images Discount off the total price
3 10%
4-10 15%
11-50 20%
51 - 100 25%
101 and more 30%

For additional inquiries, please contact us


You will receive purchased image(s) after the clearance of payment (approx. 12-24 hrs) by email or you can request a download link through which you can get access to purchased image(s) by ftp manager or by using your browser.

In case of purchasing more than 50 images you can request the whole collection on a CD at no cost for shipping.


You can choose between the following methods of payment:

  • Credit Card Payments and Online Checks 2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for PhotoStock.am2Checkout.com
  • Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers
  • Money Transfers (Western Union, Money Gram or Anelik)
  • Cash in person


The destinctive and fascinating photography offered to you by Photostock celebrates the rich diversity of people, nature, places, lifestyle and more of Armenia and the region. At our site you are sure to find exactly what you need thanks to the sweeping range of thematically arranged images making them easily accessible for you. Our first priority is to provide our customers with the opportunity to make the right selection from our broad collection of visual content that can be tailored exactly to the customers’ needs. Our system of offers is a flexible combination of quality, price and types of rights allowing you to choose what’s best for you.

Photostock is where your needs meet the possibilities!



The Royalty-free license is granted to one person or company for one-time use in one project, edition, installation, webpage or other purpose. All licenses of Royalty-free products are subject to Photostock Royalty-Free License Agreement.

Exclusive right

Exclusive right is granted to you for a 3 years’ term. Within 3 years’ period, you may use exclusive products multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees. Exclusive right pricing is based solely on the uniqueness and/or quality of the product you need, not the specific use. You do not have to pay any additional fees on a use-by-use basis. The product remains solely the property of the client who purchased it. Photostock will not sell it to any other client as long as the agreement is in effect. However, as with all Photoshop licenses, the rights granted are non-transferable and are personal to you. This means that no other person can use the licensed product for any purpose. You may not use an Exclusive product after the completion of 3 years’ term of the agreement unless this agreement is renewed. All licenses of exclusive right products are subject to Photostock Exclusive License Agreement.

Special License

The rights Photostock.am grants you do not include a license to any person, place, property, or subject matter depicted in an Image, which may be subject to copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, moral rights, property rights or other rights belonging to third parties. Photostock.am makes no representations or warranties that it owns or licenses any rights nor does Photostock.am grant you any rights including copyright, trademarks, or rights of publicity belonging to any person, place, property, or subject matter depicted in any Image. Furthermore, Photostock.am makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any information provided with the Images. You are solely responsible for determining whether your use of any Image requires the consent of any third party or the license of any additional rights, and you should not rely solely on the information provided by Photostock.am. If you are unsure whether additional rights are needed for your use, you are responsible for obtaining competent legal counsel.

Image Class

There images offered to you by Photostock.am are classified into two types: standard and premium. Photostock determines the criteria of placement of images under standard or premium class. The specific exclusive characteristics of images and not their quality allow us to label the images under the class of premium or standard and to determine the price in accordance with their unique characteristics. The class of the image can be found in the description of the image.

Image Resolution

From our collection you may choose the resolution of the image that best suits your needs. We offer Low Resolution and High Resolution images.

Low Resolution images have 96 dpi resolution and are Web ready. Usual dimensions are about 1244 x 829.

High Resolution images have 300 dpi resolution and are Print ready. Usual dimensions are about 3888 x 2592.

The size of the image can be found in the description of the image.



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