Alin Goyan "Kanche Krunk"

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Alin Goyan "Kanche Krunk"The album includes the favourite Armenian folk music with modern arrangement and interpretation. Living in the dynamic 21st century young people of not only our country but all over the world, are interested in modern arrangements and approaches. Therefore, without damaging the basic structure of the folk music, we presented it in a contemporary reading. We have cooperated with known and loved young musicians of the field of contemporary music. So the album will be interesting both to lovers of folk music, and representatives of the younger generation, who are familiar with modern arrangements.
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10 Tracks +2 Bonus Tracks

1. Groong, Lazzaro vs Aidin Davoudi, mixed by Lazzaro
2. Garun a, arranged by Vahan Nahapetyan, mixed by Stepan Berujanyan
3. Ter Voghormea, arranged and mixed by Aidin Davoudi
4. Chinar es, arranged by Vahan Nahapetyan, duduk by Norayr
Qartashyan, mixed by Eduard Peshtmaljyan
5. Akh Maral jan, Alin Goyan feat Vahag Rush Band, arranged and mixed by Ararat Zaqaryan
6. Dle Yaman, Alin Goyan feat Aidin Davoudi, arranged by EVA (E.V.A. Rock Band), mixed by Aidin Davoud
7. Qeler Tsoler, arranged by Vahan Nahapetyan, guitar by Stepan Berujanyan, mixed by Aidin Davoudi
8. Hoy Nazan, arranged and mixed by Serouj Baghdassarian
9. Sirun jan and Mani asem, arranged by Artak Hakobyan, mixed by Gevorg Hakobyan
10. Kanche krunk, Alin Goyan feat Misho, arranged and mixed by Serjo

11. Our es mair im, Lazzaro feat Alin Goyan, mixed by Lazzaro
12.Oror. Barsegh Kanachian, arranged and mixed by Aidin Davoudi

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