Garni Geghard

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Garni GeghardSingle Side Single Layer DVD

Anamorphic widescreen 16:9

Language: Armenian+English+Russian

Duration: 40 min.

Region: ALL

Color System: PAL, NTSC (Pease specify)

+BONUS Photo Gallery

+BONUS Music Video

Production: AZD production 2007

Shipping: Immediately

Nowadays Garni and Geghard are the most popular and frequently visited sights in Armenia, the cradle of Christian civilization which is so rich with historical and cultural monuments! Both of these architectural masterpieces are unique. In Garni you will find the only pagan temple preserved from pre-Christian period and Geghard is famous by its rock-carved constructions.
However, the authors of the film tried not only to tell some interesting facts and perform the architectural beauty of these monuments but also to represent wonderful landscapes as well as to help the viewer to feel deeply the Armenian colouring.

Production: AZD production

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