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My ANISingle Side Single Layer DVD

Widescreen 16:9

Language: English+Armenian+Russian

Subtitles: No

Duration: 102 min.

Region: ALL

Color System: PAL, NTSC (Pease specify)

Production: AZD production 2011

The film “My Ani�? is about the city of Ani, which used to be the gorgeous capital of Armenia. Nowadays the Armenian ancient capital is located on the territory of Turkish Republic. The film introduces the glorious historical past of the city, as well as its present inconsolable state and distorted image with its dilapidated monuments and the ruins of architectural obelisks. The Armenian ancient settlement, which was made the capital by the Armenian Bagratouni dynasty and amazed the world with its numerous churches, is on the verge of collapse. The film gives an opportunity to the whole world to hear about the cultural massacre. The film-makers dedicate the film “My Ani�? to the 1050th anniversary of proclaiming Ani the capital.

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