Karabakh Video Guide DVD

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Karabakh Video Guide DVDSingle Side Single Layer DVD

Anamorphic widescreen 16:9

Language: English+Armenian+Russian

Subtitles: French

Duration: 42 min.

Region: ALL

Color System: PAL, NTSC (Pease specify)

Color Insert (Leaflet) with Country General Information

Production: AZD production 2006

Shipping: Immediately

This is the first comprehensive video guide to the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. It includes historical, geographical, social and ethno-cultural information about the republic, as well as some tips for travelers. It will be a reliable source of information during your travel throughout Artsakh. And if you have already visited Artsakh, this video guide will help you to save the best memories about your trip.
The territory of Artsakh, one of the most ancient settlements in the world, contains more than two thousand historical, cultural and architectural sights. The creators of this video guide have attempted to bring to you some of the best attractions of Karabakh. However, by no means should it be considered complete, as only by traveling to Artsakh will you be able to experience the real beauty of this place.

Low quality trailer for informative purposes only (approximately 3Mb)


An excellent video! Thank you

Wonderful, just wonderful! Thank you so much for these video

Togh vor zanger@ misht ghoghanjen mer srbavayrerum yev geghetsik yegheghetsinerum, togh vor momer@ misht varven mer yegheghetsinerum, togh vor mer havatk@ misht mna kangun yev anhaghteli! Amen!

Simply Superbl! The wonderful churches and the rich Armenian heritage deeply rooted in this beautiful land, makes it doubly delightful!



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