Ararat Views

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Ararat ViewsSingle Side Single Layer DVD


Widescreen 16:9

Language: none

Subtitles: none

Duration: 30 min + Bonus 7 min.

Region: ALL

Color System: PAL, NTSC (Pease specify)

Production: AZD production 2008

Ararat view is a musical video-film with original music. The film features various views of Mt. Ararat. The DVD also includes a bonus – a short film about the conquest of the peak by a group of Armenians.

ARARAT (Arm. – Masis) is the highest volcanic massif on the Armenian Highland situated in the East of Turkey, near the border of Armenia and Iran. It consists of two, merging at the bases, cones of extinct volcanoes of the Great Ararat (alt. 5165m) and Little Ararat (alt. 3925m).

The frozen top of the mountain proudly towers over Araks river valley. The location is veiled with mysteries and is the cradle of biblical stories. According to the Bible it was Ararat that first appeared from the subsiding waters of the Flood, becoming the first landing place of the dwellers of Noah’s Ark.

For centuries Mt. Ararat has been considered an unconquerable summit. Mystery intertwined with real perils here: frequent avalanches, thick fog, rock slides, and temperature perturbations. In 1829 the 37-year-old German professor Johann Jacob von Parrot reached the impregnable summit from the third attempt. In memory of this he put a wooden cross there. When he looked around from the top of the mountain, he said: “If this is really the place where man first set his foot….then one cannot imagine a more impressive/dramatic center of Universe�?.

Ararat arouses admiration in everybody who is lucky enough to behold this mountain in all its beauty and magnificence. And despite the fact that today this mountain is in Turkey, Armenians still consider it as their sacred mountain.

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